Saturday Escapades.

Saturdays are my favorite days. Not only am I free for a couple of hours, there is somewhat a vibe of summer on Saturdays-well, for me because high school just started and pressure hasn’t really kicked in. As much as possible, since there aren’t a lot of things to do yet, might as well enjoy Saturdays with family and friends.

Last week Saturday was kind of different to the normal flow and schedule I had. I mean, most of the time, I have training for journalism or either way group projects that are to be done outside or inside of the school campus and it isn’t really normal to not have these kind of happenings on a Saturday. There was actually a convention called Children’s Museum and Library Incorporated in which almost all of my classmates attended. About 10 people or so from my section did not join, including me. I was having these thoughts on going like I already set it in my mind that “hey, I will go because all my friends are there and I am gonna be left out” but it came to me that I didn’t need to do that in order to fit in like yeah, there will be a certain I’ll be left out due to this convention that would probably be an issue on Tuesday when classes return but I told myself that if my heart doesn’t desire to go to such an activity, why force myself just to be somewhat not out of place. I don’t necessarily seek for such thing and also for attention because some people I wish to be friends with are there and that would be most likely a big chance for us to build that friendship but you know what, I’m letting my fate do the work and there were much more fun things that happened than that program. Not to say that it is boring but the way my Saturday went was a blast.

Children’s Museum and Library Incorportated. Photo Credits to my Classmates who sent me this photo to show me what they were doing.

So uh, hey? Stop describing it and start talking.

Well, sorry. I am just trying to make it catchy so a lot of people will be happy in reading my blog post especially that this is my first blog and people are gonna judge the way it is through this write up so please understand. Anyways, early morning around seven, I ate breakfast as always and don’t think of it as a formal and wonderul breakfeast that I have this fancy mug and toasted bread that was fresh from the toaster. Welp, too bad, I only have cheap chocolate milk from the store and some bread that was newly bought from a bakery shop. But, it is delicious and it will always be loved by me. Okay, let us go back to what should  be talked about, so my mom asked me if I wanted to go with them, the other members of my family, to Robinsons or SM. And since I wanted and love Jollibee, I agreed and so, the family went out together.

I don’t have a specific pictures of the things we did but we kind of seperated ways. I went with my mom to buy clothes and some materials needed for the family and school. While dad, with my little brother and sister went to the playhouse to stay there for an hour or so while we go buying stuff. We went to a lot of places just to buy specifc things and the best part was the shop filled with headbands, ties and other accessories. It was cute and fun!

When we got home, around 1, I got ready for bible study which I go to evey Saturday (sometimes I am absent due to the practices and training for journalism and other stuff). We went there 3o minutes early or even more than that and one of my best friends and church mate was already there. That bible study had been a routine for us girl best friends for months already and it is considered as our bonding time. I have been with them ever since childhood and they are outstanding friends. We have another squad with boys too but compared to the boys, of course, the girls are well, they understand how I do like we understand each other because we are girls and we have specific topic for the boys too. And the bible study is one way for us to hang out with the help of God’s word of course.

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Bible study went on as a success but some weren’t there because of school matters. We went out to Chew love, a place where in the place design is extremely wonderful and gorgeous. The food is yummy but kind of expensive for some people. I ate fries as usual. I don’t really go to that place for snacks because a lot of older people are there and it is embarassing for a teen like me to be in that type of atmosphere but since the squad decided to get there so I had to at least try to go out of my comfort zone and luckily, only a few people were there. We were even the first group of people to eat there in the afternoon.


After eating and using the wifi (yes), we went out to take a few pictures and it was a huge success I had a lot of things to choose from for my profile picture and other things that needs to be updated in terms of pictures. Here are some examples of what we took.

It wasn’t only me who they took a picture of, don’t get the idea wrong since I am posting and featuring my face. It is because we used my friend’s Ipad and she only sent me specific pictures where I was in so sorry if you guys had to see pictures of me. I know my face could be annoying at some points. I think of that to when I look at myself at the mirror. Anyways, after chew love, we went to other cafes or stores to buy other snacks because we are just so in love with the food in Tacloban, they are so good! I went to K Patisserie to buy a cupcake and my friend, Summer bought in the other store for these bars. I don’t know what they are called but they are delicious as to what she said. And my cousin, who is also part of the squad, went to a convinient store in which she bought junk food and some cute looking notebooks.

We went to church to stay there for a while since it is an open area for everyone and we talked about stuff specifically I was talking to Summer since the other two were using the wifi and watching something fun. We were planning on taking more pictures but then our driver came already and the four of us seperated ways. I got home around five and I immediately jumped onto my bed because I was so tired. I ran by the way to some drama before taking a nap but I won’t be telling you guys because it isn’t that big of a drama, don’t worry. I cried.. Because I was so mad and sad for the thing that made me cry. I kept talking to myself, thinking that I was talking to my sister who started everything. And then, I took a nap, trying to drive away everything, the emotions that were raising up and the tiredness.

When I woke up, typical schedule comes. Takes a bath, eats dinner etc. I was still mad but I was able to talk to my sister with a vibrant attitude because I don’t dig in the atmosphere of being mad because I don’t want to be filled with hatred and stuff. Eventually, around 9 o’clock in the evening, I decided to watch Suicide Squad. I ran into casualties since I watched it through my laptop and the cd is somewhat I don’t know, weird? So, I couldn’t start watching the movie immediately but I was able to! It was fun and I enjoyed it! I really love the movie and the story was amazing. I hope I could cosplay Harley Quinn next time when I get rich or something. I slept around past 11:30 that time and my body was aching because I was in that position for two hours straight so I really needed to sleep or rest. I didn’t sleep instantly though, I did something before that and then eventually drifted off to sleep.

Thank you guys so much for reading this blog post of mine! I hope you continue to read my other blog posts and support my blog for what it is. Tune in for other stories that might give you an inspirational message to reflect in life or just have fun buy reading random stuff. It doesn’t really matter haha. Thank you guys so much and see you next time!