Some kind of addiction?

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Have you ever had this friend that always takes selfies, borrows your phone and sees dozens of pictures in your gallery? If you are annoyed with those type of people well, hell no you got to get used to it if you are gonna be friends with me. I’m probably the greatest hypocrite on this website (wordpress I mean) due to the fact that I’ll both be giving opinions on negative and positive effects of taking selfies. But the fact that I am trying to point out these negative facts about it and I tell people those stuff, urging them to stop is being a hypocrite itself since I can’t even follow my own words. I am not someone who can get a taste of my own words.

I swear to the highest point of Mt. Fuji that I am affected by this sort of virus of taking pictures of myself. I don’t know why, its just looking at my face and making myself look pretty looks nice. Even though I don’t post them or something, I just really like doing it. I don’t know if it is sort of a bad thing since it is like I am praising myself for having this apperance or looks but taking pictures or people call these days selfies is fun. Especially that if you are planning to change your dp.

I don’t have a phone and I never really gotten a phone who has a good quality of a camera. Usually, that is the main reason why I borrow people’s phones and start taking pictures there since my phone is somewhat boring in terms of pictures and as of now, I don’t have a phone. But selfies inspire you to think that, “hey I might not be some mistaken crap”  and actually help you with some various things like you need to vlog something and such. It gives a point of you in which it is directly focused on you, not with the things around you like cars, different things and many more. It can help you see what you look like in a much clearer angle or side especially if you want to inspect the face itself.


I took this selfie during the RSPC (Regional Schools Press Conference) which I’ll be making a blog post about in the next few weeks or month. This is a perfect example of a selfie. If I want to look at my forehead to see I have pimples-instead of using the mirror, always lifting up the hair in front of me from of me, I’ll just take a selfie and look at my forehead and zoom in and out to search for the most little of details. Selfies can also give you a portrait of yourself especially when you are embarrased to let someone take a picture of you both in public and private events.

Negative points is that it is somewhat so addicting that people tend to see at it as a normal thing. Okay, I know it can help you see what you look like but it isn’t always you have to take photo (the hypocrite vibe is coming in) I mean, there are plenty of things to take pictures of than yourself. I know looking at yourself is sometimes good that at least you take a bit of a notice of yourself and how you can fix this cruddy face of yours. But taking too many, uploading each photo online is just wrong and is somewhat like a disease or something. I mean, what is the use of your memory cards, files and etc. if you can’t store them in? Maybe you seek for attention and compliments from many that you share them online.

Scientists say taking more than 7 selfies and uploading them into a specific website is already a sign that they are getting addicted to themselves and digging them into the thought of being beautiful. Personally, I think I take more than 7 selfies, check the first photo I uploaded, do you think those were at least 7? Even more than that since I have more stored in my files. See? I am such a hypocrite and probably these are just effects o the addiction of taking selfies.


I take selfies even at times I shouldn’t. With various apps and sometimes I make albums out of it. I pretend to be a model and take selfies as if I am a celebrity. I’m like a primadonna at the same time, once again, a hypocite in terms of speaking. That is a picture in which I didn’t post yet but I took a lot of those pictures especially with those applications available that have those cartoon like filters and like stuff on your face-ugh, its so addicting due to the fact it makes you look cuter, prettier and I don’t know, it makes you look better in any way you should be.

Overall, selfies are well, it depends on how you think of it and use it. Good or bad, the result will always be a picture. And sometimes the reason of the selfie was important reasons or emergency related reasons but you know what, I completly doubt it since how would selfies help in emergencies and important agenda(s)? Oh well, nobody knows and hopefully we’ll know next time. This is such a random topic to talk about but I hope you guys enjoy. Stay updated for my updates and I assure you the trip I’ve gone to weeks or a week ago, will be featured in this blog of mine and yes, it is about the RSPC. I hope you guys read that one too! And remember, once you take a selfie, it never stops.


For a short amount of time (Teacher’s Day tribute)

For a short amount of time

Your presence strucked everyone’s attention
Grasped their minds into the right position
Your teaching had given me more than just information-
gave me inspiration to go to the right direction

As much as I want to say,
I want you to stay.
But sadly you can’t,
You are just a growing plant-
knowing your flaws
and getting to know what is raw.

Leaving us behind,
with unanswered questions a lies-
we are crying deep inside.
Don’t leave us please,
We need your stars to shine.

All your smiles and cries
will make you a better person deep inside
You’ll blossom
and be someone who can summon
and shower blessings to a lot of folks
As to your hard work and effort showed,
thank you from the bottom of our hearts-
thank you even for a short amount of time