What is this blog all about?

This blog was specificially made for me to express or share my ideas to the internet world. To write about my recent happenings and newly made memories. My thought on specific things and my problems that I indeed want to cry out especially when I have no one to go to. This blog is a diary of my overall life.

What does memoir mean?

It means adventure. Meaning, you’ll be reading about my life. Since my life is one heck of an adventure in which I’ll be facing a lot of stuff.

Hey, are you open for advice?

Why did I include this in my about page? Because before, when I was writing some stuff at Wattpad like an open thing for people to read about my daily life, a lot of them seek for advice even though it was somewhat a place for me to express. I have to tell you guys that I won’t be giving advice specifically in my blog. Like, I won’t make a blog post about answering your questions-well, it naturally depends. But I am free and open indeed in the comment section for your questions if you want advice. I like giving pieces of advice, it makes me think I’m an expert or something. It won’t be a necessity to make a blog pst specifically for it but I’ll reconsider. Let’s just see but as of today, I’ll only reply to you through the comment section.

What type of questions do you want us to ask you about? 

  • Advice
  • About Me
  • My blog
  • Thoughts
  • Video Games and Youtubers

When I say “about me” it means everything involving me. Like, best friends, family and many more that are connected to me. I don’t want people saying “how about questions about your family?” well, that’s questions about me-I don’t want people misunderstanding it as a thing for people to actually ask me stuff like I am a celebrity or something. I just enjoy answering stuff so don’t take it as a thing that I desire for atention. If you have things to clarify like can I ask you this and that, I will entertain you most likely.

What’s in?

I basically just post random stuff here when I’m bored so don’t bother to read my blog posts if you are up in for a serious or fomal type of forum because this isn’t the place to be in and this is a blog where in interactions are made and opinions are foretold to the different happenings in MY life so if you don’t enjoy the way my life goes, it wouldn’t be a good idea to come here. But don’t worry not everything will be about my animation, few will be about the food I’ll be eating, the places I’ll be going and the people I met which extremely needs a blog post or somewhat a personal sketch. Those things are rare because this is a diary and usually diaries are about the life of an individual so it is going to have a mix up in terms of blog post schedules.

Who are you?

My name is the most beautiful part of the flower in plural form. I am a feature writer who has gone to different competitions and won for various times. A graphic designer on the internet and a gamer on vacant periods. I love french fries, anime and youtubers especially when they play video games. I’m married to Jacksepticeye but he doesn’t know that (strange right?) Not to brag or anything, I am in the first or high ranked section in the school I am in now and ever since elementary I had always been. As of today, I am a high school student, studying and pursing my dreams with the different subjects and the help of curricular activities. I’m from the wonderful country, Philippines and a survivor of one of the strongest typhoon in the human history, Haiyan.

Why did you make a blog post?

I have always wanted to have a blog ever since I was young. My relatives were really indulged to blogs and I wanted to follow what they were doing. Last year or the year before last year, I remember making one entitled OtakuFries but completly forgot the password after a few months of not updating it. So, here came high schol, drama and issues come and build up the inner person to create a lot of things to say but most of time, cannot be said through mere words so I was eager to write everything I felt but was lazy anyways. I wanted something fast and accurate in which I can benefit (like be famous or something) and here came the idea of bringing myself back in writting my blog. I was so determined in fixing my ugly blog and continue what I left off. But sadly, as what I said, the previous blog I made was somewhat desserted already and needed to be changed like I had to improve more so I decided to make a new one which I really like. The design is perfect and I already know what to do- I know what to write. In short, I just want to express what is inside of me and shout it out to the world.

How can I contact you?

Through Social Media of course but I won’t be sharing this type of information here yet because there might be some sort of circumstances that I won’t like.

What is your schedule in making blog posts? 

I have no exact schedule. But I update my blog when I feel like writing and I have a passion to do it. Also, when something interesting happens. I write the things though in what I want to post on my blog and I don’t really know which one to start or write about so it naturally just comes to me and says, “hey update your blog”

What is this about all about?

This all about the about of this page. If you have some things to clarify, you come here. Please comment your questions so I could answer them. If they are mostly asked, I’ll add it here to the about page but as of now, these are the questions I consider.